Technology is part of our DNA.

Our strap line is: ‘Law innovated’ and we are passionate about changing the way legal services are delivered for the better.  Technology is often central to those innovations and consider ourselves to be part law firm, part technology firm.

Our involvement as a technology business coupled with an expert technology team who have worked directly for IT companies or have worked extensively for clients in this sector – means that we have a deep understanding of technology products, how technology companies ‘tick’ and key legal issues.

Our IT sector clients range from funded IT start-ups to established global IT service providers.

Our work for technology companies includes:

  • advising on complex software, hardware & services agreements;
  • advising on intellectual property rights and agreeing licence agreements;
  • advising on the impacts of data protection laws and completing audits.

Our happy clients

Radius sticks to its commitments: practical advice without legal jargon; it’s a refreshing change.

Russel Farley Commercial Director, Focus

Having worked with Radius Law on various subject matters over a number of years, their knowledge of our sector and commercial awareness has been invaluable

Tracy Ellam Director, Mazepoint

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