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Whether you are buying or selling something, it’s important to have a robust contract that protects your interests and is compliant with the law.

At Radius, you only deal with experienced professionals who have business experience. Our lawyers will take the time to understand your objectives and use all of our expertise and know-how to get the best result for you. We’ll focus on the important things and not waste your time and money on the irrelevant stuff.

Once the deal has been done, we like to continue to work with our clients, as often contracts involve obligations on both parties that can easily be forgotten. If you engage us to provide contract monitoring, our alert system works in the background to allow you to run the business with the comfort of knowing that someone is still keeping an eye on the contract detail.

We regularly rely on Radius for clear, concise and safe legal guidance when creating our client contracts.

Francis Marshall Director - Auto Retail Network
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