We’ll package the fees in a way that suits you.
Fixed fees, success fees, hourly fees.

Our Fees

Standard hourly rate (standard commercial and employment services):
£250 p/h plus VAT- For Directors and Senior Lawyers
£200 p/h plus VAT – For Lawyers

Legal support services:
From £80 p/h plus VAT – learn more

Rapid response:
Where work is required on an urgent same-day basis = Standard rates + 20%

Premium work
For premium work such as high value corporate, real estate & complex litigation = standard rates + 20%

Reduced rates:
From £185 p/h plus VAT for Law as a Service

Scale rates:
Available for Real Estate

Rates packaged as you wish:
Fixed, success, output or hourly

*The fees are subject to payment of our fees in-line with our agreed payment terms. Late payments are subject to a monthly administration charge of £100 plus VAT.

We offer ‘menu’ fixed prices for real estate and certain employment work.

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  • Commercial Real Estate – read more
  • bringing and defending claims for unfair or wrongful dismissal in an Employment Tribunal – read more

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