To be the most commercially savvy. We believe this is often the missing 'x-factor' with professional services. When we advise we’ll ‘nail our colours to the mast’ and say what we’d do if our name was above the door.

To be inexpensive and at least 30% less than the competition. We get that it’s not just about cost, but equally believe it’s insincere to suggest cost is not important.

Technical expertise to match the best law firms.

To continually innovate how we deliver legal services.

To have integrity at the heart of everything we do. We debated about this one. Should it just be a 'hygiene factor' and so obvious that it does not need a mention? We think it's good to remind ourselves every day.


Prior to establishing Radius Law in 2013, I was on the client side of the fence for over 14 years, and for the 7 years between 2006 and 2013 was the Legal Chief at Mercedes-Benz UK Group.  Throughout this time, I searched for the standards that have now became the core pillars of Radius Law’s mission.  You can see these standards detailed under Our Mission on this page.

I knew that these standards were a tall order and would be impossible using a traditional law firm model, so we tore up the rule book and created something different. To deliver reduced fees, our cost base had to be radically different, so we have stripped out all of the costs that do not add value to you.

We also knew that creating a service that could consistently deliver succinct commercial advice would be difficult to achieve using a traditional model, so again we took the opportunity to create something new.  Our model allows our lawyers to create a unique and flexible working environment.  We provide the latest technology and billing targets that are almost 20% below average.  These factors combined help us to retain the top talent and provide you, the client, with an unrivalled experience.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can serve you.

Iain Larkins
Founder and Managing Director
Radius Law