Legal Support Services

We understand that some tasks do not justify our standard hourly rates.

Our legal support services are available from £80 p/h plus VAT.

The Legal Support team is staffed by experienced lawyers (non-practising) and senior document review specialists.  The team is available to assist with most document intensive projects, including:

  • document review and e-disclosure;
  • preparation of trial, factual and expert witness bundles;
  • drafting case chronologies and supporting documents;
  • subject access requests.

Available for immediate placement

Our team can be available at very short notice if required. On a recent instruction, we were able to mobilise a team of 6 reviewers on the day of the instruction.


This work has never fitted neatly anywhere before.  Traditional firms have often used trainee or junior lawyers for this type of work but, at normal charge-out rates, clients have rightly been demanding another more cost effective solution.  The alternative has often been to use non-qualified and inexperienced staff, and often off-shore providers.  This decreases the cost but risks quality.  We only engage experienced staff who are mostly non-practising lawyers or highly experienced document reviewers.  Our price is kept low by our innovative and flexible working model.

Data security for remote working

Our e-disclosure platform providers all support secure remote access to the documents hosted on them. The documents only ever exist in the secure, central platform, leaving no trace on the lawyers’ computers (or anywhere in between).

Document review planning and management

Traditionally, law firms conducting document reviews have been rewarded for reviewing more documents than necessary, thanks to the hourly rate. However, document review platforms come with increasingly sophisticated functionality to assess documents for relevance (including concept searching and computer assisted review), which can significantly reduce the number of documents for expensive human review. The result is a trend towards smaller, more experienced review teams to ‘train’ the review platform or to review the platform outputs containing a much higher proportion of relevant documents.

Our dispute resolution lawyers can advise you on planning a document review from the outset, using the optimum combination of platform functionality, review teams of varying levels of experience and cost, and quality assurance and testing to validate the exercise. With planning, the costs and time to complete can be predicted in advance and tracked rather than develop over time without control.

A dedicated team, available throughout the life of your matter

On each matter you will be assigned a single dedicated point of contact to manage and coordinate our review team or the exercise as a whole, as required. You only pay for the hours you require each week. As well as the obvious cost saving, our set-up allows for much greater continuity of review team members, compared to the traditional short-term paralegal market, if you have fluctuating demands over weeks or months. Our stable team will suit if you require the same lawyers for large scale/long running matters, or you want to work with the same lawyers across multiple projects.

Advice and support from Iain is always clear, concise and straight to the point. As an automotive specialist Iain understands the nuances and vagaries of our industry which leads to pragmatic advice. I would recommend Iain to anybody within our sector without hesitation.

Allen Scott Group Marketing and Communications Director - Snows Motor Group