Consultant Lawyer

Be part of a market leading brand.

The Radius brand was established in 2013 and has gained strong awareness – particularly by in-house Counsel. Radius has developed strong brand partnerships with long established legal services businesses such as LexisNexis.  Our vlog partnership with LexisNexis, for example, is sent to over 7000 clients and prospects each month.

Our sector specialisms are well known particularly in Automotive, Advertising & Media, Health and Technology and we are proud to be panel firms of many businesses.

The brand’s reputation is strong and now synonymous with a practical and commercial approach.

It’s an ethical and responsible brand that gives, at least, 10% of profits to charitable causes every year. To date over £50,000 has been gifted to charities.  Half of that money has been donated to International Justice Mission – a charity dedicated to ending slavery in our lifetime. Aside from our financial giving we continue to support IJM with their outreach activities.

Access to the best technology.

All Radius lawyers have access to:

  • LEAP practice management – LEAP is a leading practice management system integrating file management, collaboration, templates, emails, time recording and billing in one system.  Radius Lawyers often comment: ‘it’s so much better than the system we had in our last place’
  • PLC & Lexis PSL – The market leading legal precedent and information portals.
  • Radius in-house precedents.
  • LexisDraft – The latest in legal proof-reading technology – this will speed up document review and help ensure quality/accuracy of work.
  • Contract Pod – Contract life cycle management and automation technology.
  • Skype – An essential tool for a remote working model firm and an important facility and skill for communicating with clients.
  • Training platform – Radius has invested in an on-line training platform – to deliver bespoke training for its clients.
  • Security – Every lawyer’s worse nightmare is losing data.  Radius Lawyers are all equipped with market leading data security software, systems and guidance to minimise any risk of a data leak.  Radius is currently applying for Cyber Essentials.  This accreditation will independently test the robustness of our security systems and the badge will help win and retain clients.

Support network and personal development

The Radius leadership team and wider team are here to support all. This includes in-house training and development days (Min 2 x event days per year) plus contact by ‘phone and Skype.

Sometimes you want a break?  The Radius team has now grown with first class lawyers to allow you time away – safe in the knowledge that client work is in safe hands.


We offer market leading remuneration for our consultants.

You will be paid 70% of net fees for work completed by yourself plus referral and management fees for clients that you introduce to the firm.

Referral and Management fees explained:

  • The referral fee is 5% of the net fees earned from any client that you introduce.
  • The management fee is also 5% of the net fees earned from any client that you introduce.
  • In year 1 of any relationship with a client who you have introduced you will be paid the referral fee and the management fee.
  • In year 2 and beyond you will always be paid the referral fee and will be paid the management fee – where you continue to manage and develop the client relationship.


Wherever you want to be based.  We have a small London office, but most of our lawyers work remotely.

A regulated business

Many ‘new model’ law firms have chosen to not be regulated by the SRA.  That’s a decision for them – but at Radius we believe it’s important to be subject to the legal regulator.  This also allows us to bid for all types of legal work.

Recruit and Retain clients

The growth of the Radius brand allows it to bid for big name clients, whilst not deterring medium size and funded start-ups.  The Radius Management team will support all tenders and pitches for your client prospects (and you’ll still be entitled to referral and management fees for such clients).

Of course, the focus of client retention is always excellent customer service.  The ‘back-office’ systems and know-how of Radius will make serving the clients easier and improves retention.

Radius is now able to offer most services – so client work outside of your capacity or expertise is usually possible to keep in-house.  For certain specialist areas such as immigration and tax, Radius has established and trusted partners.


All Indemnity insurance is provided and paid centrally.

Back office support

  • All client invoices processed, chased and managed;
  • Radius operates a client account – allowing for manging fees with some clients and the ability to access lucrative corporate, real estate and other work that demands a need for a client account;
  • In-house tech support available as needed;
  • Central marketing and operations support.

Your commitments to us

We believe that an adult and mature relationship is about give and take.  We hope you agree that our offer and way of working is amongst the best.

To make the business grow for the benefit of everyone we do need to set some minimum expectations.

Most of our expectations on you are simply that you will always follow our guiding values of trust, simplicity, respect, transparency and flexibility.  We also ask that you deliver your services in the ‘Radius way’…. which is the same as our guiding values and, in addition, that you always strive to be commercial, pragmatic and never use legalese.

Our only ‘hard’ requirement is that you help to grow the business and that work from clients that you introduce to the business delivers, at least, £60,000 fees per year.


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