Our nominated company charity is IJM and we will commit half of our 10% social commitment pot to this very worthwhile cause. We like the idea of lawyers supporting lawyers! The balance of our social commitment fund will be spent on causes requested by staff, clients and friends of Radius.

International Justice Mission is a global organisation that protects the poor from violence throughout the developing world. IJM partners with local authorities to rescue victims, bring criminals to justice, restore survivors and strengthen justice systems. One of the largest human rights organisations of its kind, IJM combats slavery, sex trafficking, rape, police brutality, property grabbing and other forms of violence in nearly 20 communities throughout Africa, Latin America, South Asia and Southeast Asia.

IJM has a global team of lawyers, investigators, social workers, community activists and other professionals at work in the developing world to protect the poor from violence. In the UK, IJM is fuelling the global justice movement by drawing the world’s attention to everyday violence, influencing leaders to become champions for protecting the poor and rallying all people of good will to the fight.