Franchising and
Commercial Contracts

Whether you are buying or selling something, it’s important to have a robust contract that protects your interests and is compliant with the law.  At Radius, you only deal with experienced professionals who have business experience.  Our lawyers will take the time to understand your objectives and use all of our expertise and know-how to get the best result for you.  We’ll focus on the important things and not waste your time and money on the irrelevant stuff. 

Once the deal has been done, we like to continue to work with our clients, as often contracts involve obligations on both parties that can easily be forgotten. If you engage us to provide contract monitoring, our alert system works in the background to allow you to run the business with the comfort of knowing that someone is still keeping an eye on the contract detail.


Our Real Estate team look after all aspects of commercial real estate.  Whether you are buying, selling, leasing or just need some help with reorganising your property portfolio, we are here to help. Our real estate lawyers have business experience and have previously worked for some of the largest firms in the UK, so you are in good hands. 

Mergers, Acquisitions
& Disposals

Shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, share deals and asset deals are all part of the services that we provide.  We think about each deal holistically and ensure we understand what’s important to you before we start.  Our team are experienced professionals with business experience, so we believe we are best placed to work seamlessly with you and obtain you the best result.


There are two ways of dealing with resolving a dispute.  Option 1 is admit nothing and fight every point.  Option 2 is to be smart and use great negotiating skills to find you the best result fast.  We prefer Option 2.

Brand & know-how

Our team have experience of protecting some of the most iconic brands in the world.  Brand and know-how protection, however, should start long before your brand becomes iconic.  When our team are asked for guidance on how to protect a company’s brand and know-how, we first work with you to identify what’s important. As legal and business professionals, we understand the importance of spending money on the important stuff and not wasting it on things that do not matter.  Once we know what’s important, we then work with you to develop processes to maximise your protection from competitors copying you and, on the flip side, ensure that your competitors cannot stop you from doing what you want to do.


Getting the basics right with employment is important.  Our employment lawyers have worked with many businesses, implementing employment contracts and policies to ensure they are able to appropriately manage and incentivise their teams.  If things go wrong they are also here to assist and work with you throughout the matter until it is resolved.  All of our employment lawyers have extensive experience working exclusively in employment law, so you can be assured that you will have an expert sitting by your side.

Regulatory and

The stakes are high for regulatory and compliance breaches and, in many instances, now have the potential to include fines that are 10% of your turnover, director disqualification orders, collective actions from your customers and even prison sentences.  There is little doubt that regulation is forever changing and increasing, so we understand that, for many businesses, the first problem is to know what they don’t know.  Our first step with any business is to provide a consultation/ ‘health-check’ visit to understand what needs to be done.  We can then work from there and implement a programme or get some more detail by undertaking some audits.

Once you have implemented a programme, it’s important to keep it up-to-date and refreshed. Our compliance officer support service can do this for you.  We’ll flag changes in the law to you so that you never have to worry again about what you don’t know, and keep your programme refreshed and up-to-date to ensure you always have the comfort that your business is appropriately protected.

Our team have worked with businesses from large to small, helping to embed compliance programmes that are proportionate and relevant to them.  The programmes that we have implemented include competition law, anti-bribery, data protection and anti-money laundering programmes.  We also have experience of managing incidents when things go wrong.


We have extensive experience of providing legal and regulatory training, and passionately believe that training is the most effective tool for any company to maximise value.  We have been retained by legal training providers to deliver training on their behalf, and also by many different companies to provide bespoke in-house training.