Our Fees*

Standard hourly rate (standard commercial and employment services):
£250 p/h - For Directors and Senior Lawyers
£200 p/h - For Lawyers

Legal support services:
From £80 p/h - learn more

Rapid response:
Where work is required on an urgent same-day basis = Standard rates + 20%

Premium work
For premium work such as high value corporate, real estate & complex litigation = standard rates + 20%

Reduced rates:
From £185 p/h for Law as a Service

Scale rates:
Available for Real Estate

Rates packaged as you wish:
Fixed, success, output or hourly

*The fees are subject to payment of our fees in-line with our agreed payment terms. Late payments are subject to a monthly administration charge of £100.

We have provided more information here on fees and time-line for:

  • the purchase of freehold and leasehold residential property  - read more

  • mortgages or re-mortgages of residential property - read more

  • bringing and defending claims for unfair or wrongful dismissal in an Employment Tribunal - read more

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Rates comparison


When we established Radius Law, we knew that we were operating in an industry that had become too expensive.  Working with the luxury of a blank sheet of paper, we created an innovative business model that allowed us to deliver our services at least 30% below our competitors, without sacrificing quality.  Our graphic shows the key pillars to our business model. Essentially, we have stripped out the costs that do not add value, and engaged lawyers that have a proven ability to advise commercially and efficiently.  Our standard hourly rates are £250 or lower for those joining our LaaS programme.   Naturally, as a modern and flexible firm, we are always willing to package our fees according to your needs, e.g. fixed, success based.

Quotes available on request for commitments of more than 5 days per month.