Customer service taken to a new level.

I thought I had experienced great customer service before, but this week I have been incredibly fortunate to enjoy customer service at a new level, a level that’s unrivalled by anything I have seen before.

This service was provided by the Limewood Hotel in the New Forest. My wife and I having ‘won’ a night away at this hotel in a charity auction headed down to the the idyllic New Forest, conveniently dropping the kids off en-route.

Ah, the Limewood I hear you say - that £££ expensive place - of course the service would be amazing! Well, yes, that is partly true - it is easier to offer an amazing service in beautiful surroundings and first class chefs. If it had not been for charity, we would not have thought that we could justify the cost.

The interesting thing however is that the things that made the customer service exceptional did not cost anything. The staff have all, without exception, engaged in a culture of nothing being a problem and always being personable. I don’t doubt that there is an organised process ‘behind the scenes’ to achieve this standard – ‘homework’ must have been done as they knew some things about us which obviously helped when engaging in conversation. Never did we feel like just another guest and it was all delivered without it feeling awkward or pretentious.

Would we go again? Already saving the pennies! If you run a business and have not been before - I heartedly recommend it. It will be a very worthwhile and enjoyable research trip.

Iain Larkins, 1st June 2018