Automotive Lawyers Conference - 9th November 2016, Toyota

The Automotive Lawyers Conference held at Toyota's offices on 9th November 2016 was a great success - thank you to everyone who attended and special thanks to our presenters and sponsors. Copies of the materials presented at the conference can be found here: Introducing LexisNexis In-house; Radius Automotive Law Tracker 2016; ASE Presentation; LexisNexis Laurence Simons: In-house Counsel - the value add; Radius Law - Automotive Lawyers' World; Shook, Hardy & Bacon - A Product Liability Perspective; SMMT - Type Approval and the VCA.

We have also provided links from Sophie Gould’s session, How Legal Teams Can Add Value To Their Business, where Sophie shared insights from the Cranfield research paper, the recent GC350 survey (which LexisNexis sponsored with The Law Society) and the In-house Strategic Advisory Board discussion papers. You can sign up to you for our monthly Vlog and Automotive Law Tracker by entering your details under ‘Get Updates from Us!’ on this page.  You can also get more commercial news stories for in-house counsel, insights and interviews if you sign up to the LexisNexis’ in-house blog.